Things to Consider When Reviewing Your Child’s IEP

Reviewing your child's Individual Education Plan prior to the school year can help you think about your thoughts about the year ahead. Click to watch this livestream here to find out what you should be thinking about when you pull out last years IEP to prepare to...
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3 Things You Need to Do With Your Child’s Assessments

Part of preparing for the school year ahead is knowing where you've been.  In this blog post I encourage you to review all of your child's assessments and take some steps to ensure you understand them and they are being utilized to help develop your child's individual...
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Assumptions are the Cracks in Our Stories

Parents often come to me with their troubled stories of things that have happened related to their child at school. Challenges with teachers, principals and the overall limitations of a broken education system are common and stir a wide range of emotions. Often the...
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Don’t let the backbone slide!

Backbones and I.E.P.'s. Huh? Does anybody remember the song from 1989 by Maestro Fresh West "Let Your Backbone Slide"? While the song doesn't have anything to do with I.E.P.'s, since I started writing this post this it's all I can hear in the back of my mind and it...
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Start the Conversation

When you have a child that is accessing special education services, parents and educators will have multiple reasons to communicate throughout a school year.  These conversations can be initiated by either the parent or the school and can hold different functions and...
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5 Ways to Build Partnership

If you're a parent of a child with special needs, you know that navigating your way through the special education system can be extremely challenging, confusing, and exhausting. Parents do want to be in a partnership with their school teams, but often they have more...
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The Art of Partnership

During a recent interview (Starts at 12:45), on Rogers TV with Jameelah Gamble - A Voice for all, I was asked what advice I would give to parents whose children with special needs are transitioning between grades, schools, and systems (elementary to secondary). I...
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Through talking things over with Tracy I have gained a better understanding of how we can best advocate for our son. Navigating the school system has already been a steep learning curve! Having Tracy’s insight has been so helpful in understanding not only my child, but also the goals and policies of the school administration, the perspective of the teachers, the roles of the various agencies, the dynamics of a classroom. Tracy is tremendously supportive and explains clearly and fairly. Best of all, Tracy knows what it is like to be a parent trying to wrap their head around all this! Tracy takes a calm and thoughtful approach and never once has made me feel silly for asking questions, feeling confused and/or overwhelmed, or having a rant! Our whole family has felt the benefit of Tracy’s expertise and support and all the local and online resources she has connected us with.

The Archibald Family

This is the 5th year that our daughter has had an IEP. However, it is the first year that I have felt like I have any understanding of it or ability to contribute to it in a meaningful way. Tracy has been instrumental in helping us to navigate the process and to advocate for our daughter while building a team approach with the school. Having her notes at hand keeps me focused in meetings. This helps me to keep on track and to come out of the meeting with a sense of accomplishment and feeling that I have been a part of the process instead of a bystander.

Tracy is has not only been a resource teacher and educator, but also a parent of children with IEP’s. This gives her a unique position of seeing both sides of the IEP building process. She is generous with her support and knowledge and helps me to diplomatically advocate for my child. I count her as a key member of our team!

Fiona Fisher, Parent


I offer a small group coaching program and a self-paced course for parents who need some support building their knowledge and confidence.

These learning opportunities allow parents to reflect, learn and take action. Learn with me and become a more empowered advocate for your child with special needs.


If you’re having trouble making sense of how to communicate and collaborate with your child’s school team I can help.

I offer low cost, 1:1 strategy sessions. I can help you sift through what you know and what you need to find out to ensure you are choosing the RIGHT action when you are advocating for your child at school.


Relationships are the foundation of all things good.  I would love to connect with you on social media or in an email.

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