Set the stage for a successful school year

for your child with special needs.

Download this FREE 25 page BACK TO SCHOOL guide to take back your personal power and be prepared to communicate and collaborate with your child's school team.

Preparing to be an effective voice for your child at school is a critical step parents often miss. Organization is key.

The idea of a new school year can leave parents of children with special needs apprehensive.

Right now you try to avoid thinking about it because you think you have plenty of time to worry about the challenges ahead.

You don't want to think about the new teacher, the IEP meetings, or the possible notes home about your child's behaviour.  

Your crossing your fingers the right resources will be in place for your child so your child can have every opportunity to reach their potential socially, emotionally and academically.

Right now you feel relieved that you have a break from having to stay on top of "all things school".  

Don't fool yourself.  The hard truth is that September is right around the corner.  

Soon you will be expected to communicate and collaborate with your child's school team even if you don't feel particularly confident  right now. 

This guide provides parents of children with special needs with 28 tasks that can be completed in just 20 minutes a day to prepare for a smoother transition back to school.


  • feeling overwhelmed with the idea of building a new working relationship with a new teacher or school administrator (yet again)
  • wondering if the school will be prepared to meet your child's emotional and educational needs
  • looking through stacks and drawers of different papers to find that one document that you know you have that inevitably someone will ask you for
  • with the information overload and identify what to share with your child's teachers to have a positive impact on the design and implementation of your child's IEP
  • thinking about ways to reduce the impending chaos of the first day/week/month of school


  • having all the information you might need to share with your school team at your fingertips
  • being clear about  the most important things you can  share about your child that can impact the decisions made for your child this school year
  • recognizing that you know your child best
  • planning and implementing some simple life hacks to feel in control of your home and school routines

Are you ready to be prepared to make an impact for your child this school year?

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