Are you struggling to navigate the education system for your child with special needs? Do you feel like there is more roadblocks than detours?

Whether you’re a veteran advocate or someone very new to this journey, this self-paced, self-study course is for you!

What you need is a basic framework that will help you feel more empowered to communicate, collaborate and advocate for your child with special needs at school.

Find out easy strategies that you can implement today to build true partnership with the team built on trust and respect.

It won’t be easy, but it’s possible.  I know! I’ve lived it and accomplished it.

Cost: $97 (Currently discounted to $75)

When you’re a parent or guardian of a child with special needs, you are often inundated with appointments. Doctors, therapists, counselors, and your child’s education team, all need your time and attention. With those appointments comes a lot of new information and a demand to recall old information.¬†Avoid scheduling conflicts and have a place to keep track of all of those appointments with your child’s special team using the FREE TRELLO app.

Find out how in this short training video. Cost:  FREE

Advocating for your special needs child at school and in the community isn’t easy. It takes commitment, time and PATIENCE! Far too often I see and hear parents making some very common missteps when advocating for their child which can have a negative impact on the very outcomes parents are advocating for. In this 10 part video series, you will not only learn what those mistakes are, but how to take action today to do things differently.

Cost: FREE


Similar to the self-paced version, this course offers an opportunity to learn the basics of effective advocacy in a small group format. Together we will gain insight, share our stories, brainstorm and receive support and guidance alongside other parents just like you.

Over the course of 8 weeks, we will come together online once per week for 90 minutes sessions as a group.  We will work through the lessons together and have the opportunity for live Q&A.

Additional Features:

Network with other parents – maybe even make a new lifelong friend Daily access to me in a private Facebook group designed specifically for this course.

1:1 strategy session for each group participant. Here we will brainstorm an advocacy blueprint just for you.

Cost: $297.00